Evan was born in the small, mid-western town of Rochester, IL. With a unique sense of creativity, nourished by a gang of his three brothers, Evan developed an able imagination. Studying the technical elements of drawing and design at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL. he transitioned to the Kansas City Art Institute to pursue a BFA with a major focus in Animation and Visual Storytelling.

Influenced by the likes of Jan Svankmeyer, Yuri Norstein, Oskar Ficshinger, Norman McLaren, and others, Evan is a proper acolyte to Motion; bringing the inanimate to life with stop-motion and pixilation techniques. His SGA Film, Brotherhood, was selected for nomination as Best Experimental Film in the Official Selection and Semi-final Selection ARFF Film Festival in Paris.

Currently, Evan is employed as a motion-graphics and stop-motion animator for Other Brother Studios in Kansas City, Missouri and maintains a practice in drawing.